The Task

You have been chosen to be the curator of a new Gold Museum that is being set up to let children today learn about the history of gold in Australia.

Your museum must hold exhibits that explain the properties and uses of gold, the history of the discovery of gold in Australia, life on the goldfields, including women and the Chinese, the Eureka Stockade and bushrangers.

Click on the image below to find a wealth of websites to help you in your quest. Read the descriptions of the websites carefully to make your search for information easier.


You may create your museum using any combination of programs or tools that you choose. It can be made up of documents, powerpoints, speeches, booklets, ebooks, brochures, slideshows and movies. Some programs you could use are your new BlogED, Word, Powerpoint, Movie Maker, Comic Life, Art Rage and Premiere Elements. You will also find useful Web 2.0 tools in the sidebar of this blog. Use your time in the library to explore these websites and find the one that suits your purpose.


Your museum must be ready for its grand opening in Week 10. Good luck!